“Wish, I Was There,”

is a story about, “a young woman confronting past memories of her mother in the house she grew up in and discovers emotions she had buried over recent years about their relationship.”

This is a short film. No dialogue where the focus on camera movement, acting and music will contribute in telling the story.

This story in a way can reflect on the relationships that change with our parents as we grow and how when they are suddenly gone, how we cope with our guilt and regrets.
– Sokhean Jonathan Ouk

Background Story:

This story came about as I think about age and time when reflecting on my life the past 10 years or so and my relationship with my mother over those years.

In this story, Kara is an only child growing up with only her mother. As a child, the warmth and care from your mother can be the source of all your happiness just as you are the sole happiness of your mother. As we age and matures you start to see a distance appear as you are more aware of the expanse of life outside this mother and child world. The relationship can grow closer or apart but with Kara, her relationship starts to grow apart from the warm meals and attention she gets from her mother. In this film, we see Kara consistently appear in the film with headphones, her way of isolating herself from everyone but more importantly her mother and her dedicated love to her only happiness.