grew up in a single-parent family; her mother is the only adult in her world until she started high school and music came into Kara’s life; she started to meet others in the scene that helped fuel this rebellious stage; since then, her relationship with her mother became distant as the influence of the outside world pulled her further and further away from her mother; she is a quiet person, keeping to herself mostly since she looks at her mother more as a stranger than as the person who birthed and raised her.


of an older generation that falls into the traditional role of a mother. She is loving, caring, and most of all gives everything to her only child. Her husband left them when Kara was a baby so she was the sole breadwinner and caregiver to her. Elizabeth has worked in the food industry all of her adult life. She was also an only child who took care of her older parents when she was younger, which is why she wasn’t able to go to college. Hard work is way of her life until she meets her husband. After he abandons them and she loses both of her parents, her daughter becomes the main focus of her life.


a bright girl, having lived a mostly sheltered life; her mother provides her all the love and care she needs; she still follows what her mother says but is starting to develop a rebellious side as she transitions in to high school and starts to explore a life outside of her small world at home with her mother. She eventually starts to drift away from her mother.